Skull replica Mimosa with pair of bones

Skull replica Mimosa with pair of bones

Replika lebky s párem kostí Humerus

80 € incl. VAT

A credible replica of a female skull with a firm jaw. This model gives the impression of a preserved archaeological find. Valued for its detailing and life-size.

Here in set with two Humerus bones.

Like all our replicas, this skull is carefully crafted from our FreeStone © material (cast stone) to achieve the best results, visible seams and other details.

The skull is wrapped in a beautiful gift box filled with natural wood wool to prevent damage during transportation. This is completely eliminated by wrapping it in another shipping box so the skull will arrive at your adress safe and sound.

The Skull Mimosa has a wider variety of uses than you think. The skull works great as an original decoration for the home, a learning aid for students, a frightening prop for photographers, a proper artwork for artists of all kinds, or as an original gift for your loved ones.

We believe everyone should have their skull.

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