Don't See Shot Glass


Original shot glass with a skull

€11,60 incl. VAT

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Delivery date: Thursday 09.12.2021

The unusual design of this shot glass is guaranteed to improve the enjoyment of every sip and will certainly be a guarantee of joy at every meeting.

It is especially suitable for occasions such as; Scheduled drinking with friends, random events, celebrations, important anniversaries and daily drinking. You will really warm up!

A motif inspired by an old Japanese legend of three wise monkeys, one covering his eyes, the other his ears, and the third his mouth. A design piece for the collection with a stainless steel interior for real connoisseurs.

You can buy it in one piece or as a set of three pieces with individual motifs of three wise skulls. A great and convenient choice is also a set of six pieces in a gift box.

Make yourself or your loved ones happy with this cruel shot glass. Cheers!

Weight: 110 g
Dimensions (L x H x W): 6 x 6,5 x 7 cm
Colour: Classical bone
Volume: 100 ml
Material: Nerezová ocel, Pryskyřice
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