Black Small Positive Skull Bracelet


Bracelet with beads and a skull on an elastic band

€11,60 incl. VAT

Availability: On Stock
Delivery date: Thursday 09.12.2021

Mineral bracelet made of onyx with a skull.

Although the skull may seem rather arousing respect, its true depth lies in its strength and wisdom, as it is an age-old symbol of life and rebirth.

The beads are strung on a high-quality elastic fiber, which is strong, but at the same time retains its elasticity. Onyx is a magical stone that gives strength and protects against disease. It will help you take destiny into your own hands.

It is a decent accessory for both ladies and gentlemen. 

Dimensions (L x H x W): lebka: 1 x 1,5 x 1,5 cm
Weight: 2,5 g
Length: 18 cm
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