Ring Size

How to find the right size?

Are you thinking about buying our skull ring and you don't know how to deal with the size? Here we will advise you how to choose the right size for you or your dear half.

Method of measurement

1. Measurement from your comfort - using another ring

The easiest and most reliable way is to measure the diameter of the ring that you know will fit and you are satisfied with its size. All you have to do is measure the inner diameter of the ring, and then you just need to find out in our size guide which number has your diameter. You can find the size guide at the end of this page.


2. Measurement from the comfort of yours - using a string

If you don't have a properly fitting ring yet, here's how to measure with a string. Any string, ribbon or strip of paper can be used. The base is wrapped around a finger, on which the skull will be well removed. Tighten properly and mark the place where the string intersects. Then place the marked piece on the ruler to find out the diameter of your finger. Now all you have to do is look at the size guide at the end of this page and you're done.



3. Visit to a jewelry store

The most accurate way is to visit a jewelry store in your area, where they use special rings or gauges, according to which your size can be easily determined. With the detected circumference or diameter, it is then easy to find, in our table below, the right size. 



Size guide



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